About WorldQuant Predictive

What We Do.

WorldQuant Predictive is a data science company that leverages machine learning and AI to deliver predictive solutions for clients. Our advanced AI research and delivery organization is capable of improving decision-making and reducing risk for leading industry partners.

Prediction lies at the heart of decision-making under uncertainty.

We are in the business of creating accurate predictions through improved signal detection and modeling. We frame critical business challenges as prediction problems and solve them by leveraging the latest advances in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Our proprietary approaches are derived from quantitative finance and have been tested in the marketplace for over a decade.


We offer Fortune 500 corporations and innovation-minded government agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations access to unique, alternative data; a dynamic library of pre-built models; consulting services through our trusted partnership model; and an advanced AI platform for data ingestion, signal detection, and model development and testing.

We work with our partners to build prediction machines, specific to their goals and business challenges.


Our team is comprised of top mathematicians and data scientists from all over the globe.

Our Team