Proven Approach

How We Do It.

We bring together global quantitative talent, deep subject matter expertise, and advanced data science technology to create adaptive, predictive models. The result is quantitative prediction solutions that deliver a clear competitive advantage to business and enhanced outcomes for society.

We specialize in predicting regularities in complex, self-organizing, nonlinear systems. These regularities are found in real-world data, across all business domains, creating both strong and weak signals for us to find – if we know where to look. Assembling these signals into robust models creates predictions that can be used to reduce uncertainty, create opportunity, and enable effective strategies.

We employ a unique approach for solving quantitative research challenges that includes:

  • Extracting candidate signals from multiple diverse and differentiated data sources
  • Exploring the landscape of all possible models through advanced machine learning
  • Promoting model resiliency with a mix of tools, methods, and approaches
  • Avoiding data aggregation challenges by integrating information at the signal level

Our Process:

Simulate. Predict. Optimize.

Data and Signals

We combine multiple data sources, including our clients’ proprietary data, to find multiple non-correlated signals based on high-value use cases. We use these signals to build meta-models and evolve robust prediction systems that can be embed into our clients’ decision-making process.

Simulate. Predict. Optimize.

Using our production-grade signals, we simulate the impact of decision variables against our clients’ KPIs. We then deploy our novel approach to test for optimal courses of action in real-time and at scale.

Deep Domain Expertise

AI expertise is not enough to deliver new business strategies. We are trusted partners, working to deliver predictions and recommendations through top industry experts. Our expert advisors work directly with our partners to ensure their most relevant challenges are being addressed and that long-term value is being achieved.

Ever-Growing Signal Library

We continuously leverage our growing signal library to build ensemble models that are resilient to situational change and evolve against new data. Our prediction machines reflect a wider, more granular view of the world than any single descriptive model.

Global Research Team

The foundation of our approach is a globally distributed team of top data scientists and researchers. Our dedicated team finds unique signals and build predictive models designed to rapidly address our clients’ specific business needs.


“Idea arbitrage” is central to our approach. Our global network of researchers represents a unique resource; we believe talent is global but prediction challenges are not.

Our diverse group of data scientists bring non-correlated perspective to data science and model creation. Inherent bias is removed from the system and models constantly compete and dynamically evolve as new client data is added to our platform.


We work with clients to create models and make predictions, help them apply these predictions to business objectives, measure efficacy and retest outcomes, and continuously utilize learnings and additional data to constantly evolve and expand our predictive models.

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